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Lathom Fisheries

Warpers Moss Lane


L40 4AJ

Tel. 01704 893914

Mobile 07711 508254

The fishery now boasts 4 lakes, situated right next to each other, offering the angler a choice of either, and making it easy to swap from one to the other.

All are well stocked with a variety of fish including Carp to 30lb, Tench to 7lb, Barbel to 6lb and Roach to a magnificent 3lb.  There are also Bream, Orfe, Chub, Rudd and Perch making up a splendid variety. 

Lathom - typical fish

Superb fish like this 

will fall to most baits

pool1l.JPG (60777 bytes)


pool1.JPG (71632 bytes)



Pool 1 shown above, has a depth of around 5'.  It also features an island in the bay at the far end, and has 30 pegs available.  This is the match pool and holds barbel and chub to 5lb, carp to 10lb, bream to 5lb, tench and roach


pool2l.JPG (77587 bytes)


pool2.JPG (85639 bytes)


Pool 2 above is on average 8' deep and holds the specimen fish with carp to 30lb

and has 24 pegs.  In here are carp, ghosties, barbel, bream, tench, perch and roach.



There is a cafe and also male, female and disabled toilet facilities.

Car parking is situated right next to the lakes offering easy access for all anglers including disabled anglers.


pool3l.JPG (81524 bytes)

pool3.JPG (67566 bytes)

Pool 3 above is well stocked with plenty of fish up to around the 4lb mark.  It has carp,

chub, orfe, F1s, roach and tench and is an ideal learners pool.


pool4l.JPG (91706 bytes)


pool4.JPG (99644 bytes)


Pool 4 above has been recently stocked with small barbel but also holds carp to 10lb,

F1s, orfe, tench and roach.


 Match Dates for your Diary

Club matches can be booked

by calling 01704 893914


The Bailiff can also be contacted on 0789 5693003


Current Prices


The price is only 5 per rod per day and only 4 for concessions with fishing from dawn till dusk, but you MUST be off site before dark as the gates will be shut shortly after dusk.

Monies are placed in envelopes in the ticket office before fishing.



How to get there


The fishery is situated on Warpers Moss Lane in Burscough.

If you are travelling towards Liverpool on the A59, you turn left into the lane just before the two bridges in Burscough.  If travelling towards Preston, you turn right into the lane just after the two bridges.

Continue down the lane, under the railway bridge, and the fishery is about 1/4 mile further on the right hand side.

Rules and Guidelines

For everyone's safety, the following rules and guidelines

have been set for the benefit of both the fishery and the angler:


Barbless hooks MUST be used at all times

No keep nets are permitted, with the exception of matches

Groundbait, Trout pellets, Bloodworm, Joker and Boilies are forbidden

No Bread Feed, Loose feed only

Landing Nets MUST be used

Keep all gates shut

Always use the Litter Bins provided

Anglers are expected to remove all rubbish and not discard any unused bait

No Night Fishing

Anyone attempting to remove fish will be prosecuted

The owner accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property

We reserve the right to check all bags and vehicles


Your co-operation with these rules is much appreciated

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